Drainage Work

Flood Solutions – Auckland’s Local Drainage Experts

From new build and renovation drainage through to the unblocking of existing pipes and drains. Flood solutions offer a comprehensive and guaranteed drainage service to residential, commercial and rural customers alike. 

Based in Coatesville in Auckland’s North Shore, Flood Solutions are your local drainage and drain unblocking specialists. Our qualified team can be contacted day or night and will meet you on site to assess the problem and offer a tailored solution.

Make sure the flow of water is clear from any dwelling so as not to damage the building itself. 


Drainage work

Signs of a plumbing blockage…

If you’re concerned about a blockage, here are a few signs to look for:

  1. A slow draining sink or bathtub.
    A slow drain can be the first sign of a problem. This often happens when the pipe is clogged by a layer of grime and soap, or because of a blockage somewhere in a pipeline.
  2. A bad smell.
    An unpleasant odour often accompanies slow draining, 
  3. Toilets that back up instead of flush.
    This is a serious sign of a blockage and we would imagine you’re already on the phone with us… We will be there soon!
  4. Drains that gurgle.
    The gurgling noise means that air is trapped somewhere in the plumbing. 
  5. Water on your lawn, or plants growing near your sewer line.
    This is a little different from the other signs, as those occur inside the home and these are obvious outside. If you have found a puddle in your lawn, you’ll want to have a professional come in to evaluate the drain and take action to remove the clog or damage.

Drainage work includes:

  • Blocked or overflowing drains
  • Drain and sewer blockages
  • Stormwater and runoff
  • Greywater
  • Dispersal trenches
  • Drain channelling, pumps, trenches
  • Water diversion – Drying out under your home for a healthier family