Flood Work

Flood Solutions – Auckland’s Local Flood Prevention and Repair Experts

Burst pipes, blocked drainage and extreme weather are just some of the causes of flooding in Auckland. Whatever the case may be, the team at Flood Solutions are standing by to get you dry ASAP! 

Water damage is no laughing matter, and if not properly addressed will continue to cause further issues down the line. We have a wide range of industry level equipment as well as expertise in the field. 

Insurance Rectification has become common place for us in recent years, if you have a problem that keeps persisting and your insurer wants it solved, we are the team to pump the value back into your property and keep your insurer at bay.   

Often flooding can damage the wiring, make carpets reak of mould and do hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to your valuable investment. This again is another reason not to attempt repairs yourself. Our team are qualified and trained to identify and address hazards in a safe way. This prevents further damage and injury. 

Plumbing Work

Flood work includes:


  • Flood Solutions Work
  • Pump Installation
  • Pump Services
  • Flooding Under Houses
  • Flood Remedies
  • Flooded House Solutions
  • Retaining Wall Repairs
  • Ponding of water around houses
  • Ground Flooding
  • Channel Drains around dwellings

Before the team arrives, be sure to do the following to prevent further flood damage:

  • Turn off all power to areas that are affected by the water.
  • Take as many photos of the damaged areas as possible (this will be useful if you’re claiming through insurance).
  • Remove all coloured rugs or furniture from the flooded areas.
  • Try to contain the flooded area as much as possible.

Give us a call day or night for our 24/7 emergency flooding service.